I love coming to see Blanca and her treatments are such a pleasure. It's like she is using a magic wand that feels like a hot stone massage as it erases the stubborn wrinkle that used to live between my eyebrows, or the dark circles that are disappearing below my eyes. I wish our sessions could last forever, because this treatment is also amazing with any tight or painful areas in the body - like a tight jaw, or lower back pain. My pain melts away - literally. Best kept secret right here. THANK YOU SO MUCH BLANCA!
AMAZING!! Blanca is a magician for me! She shrinks my post-menopausal tummy and love handles, soothes muscle strain, erases crepey necks and lifts eyebrows. It seems impossible but it's totally noninvasive and feels wonderful. Get in here if she has a free second to give you an appointment!